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The network addresses all issues of educational repositories - f2f, virtually and at workshops and seminars. Participation in these seminars is essential to obtain full benefit of the network as the events include presentations and group sessions/discussions. The work is centered around the following themes:

  • Repository strategies
    Analysis and discussion of issues on the general/strategic level of educational repositories
  • Standards and interoperability
    Aims to discuss and document best practice examples of the use of technical standards facilitating and supporting learning resource discovery and use, including linked data 
  • Engagement of producers and users
    With a focus on on the daily operational level of repository life this theme encompasses issues such as user interface, community building, attracting and maintaining users
  • Rights issues
    Identify, discuss, document and produce guidelines and roadmaps for issues concerning intellectual property rights.
  • Linking resources to curriculum and learning goals
    Digitisation of the curriculum and learning goals, learning trajectories and related issues that increase  the impact of digital learning resources and repositories of resources