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EdReNe – Current state of educational repositories – national overview



In Slovenia development, operation and management of the communication and information network for education and research (technical support) is provided by ARNES – an independent institution established in 1992.

As a part of the programme called Ro – Računalniško opismenjevanje (Computing literacy), started in 1994 by Slovenian parliament, an initiative for establishing the Slovenian Education Network (SIO) has been given in 1995. Its development has been a special project ( The idea was to establish a network of servers with a special entry server. Its duty is to provide a catalogue of educational material (metadata), distribution of educational products, information about national and international events related to education, list of servers related to education in Slovenia and the world and similar. Special software package, called Trubar, has been developed to support the idea that all users should be able also to contribute the description (metadata) about the resources and have the possibility to share their own developed resources. So the possibility to store resources is given also.

The main portal (now was launched in 1996. The portal is mainly focused on the education of teachers and students. It has catalogues of educational materials, web sites, events, institutions and people.

The portal is completely open. It does not require any login, not for searching/downloading the resources, nor for entering information in catalogues or uploading the content.

Quite a lot of assets (photos mostly, but also drawings, presentations, …) were obtained as a result of various concourses (for teachers and students) where SIO served as a technical support platform.

After the end of the RO programme there was no regular funding provided for functioning of SIO. Only occasional actions to maintain certain sections and perform quality checks were performed. As a result of the lack of regular maintenance quite a lot of resources are outdated and without quality control. The metadata consists of three level description: basic data, detailed technical and pedagogical description and evaluations. Also metadata scheme was not totally congruent with the LOM. In project Calibrate both schemes were merged into a new scheme.

Slovenian Education Network (SIO)

The need for renovation of the repository has been all the time in mind. As the result of participation in various projects like Calibrate, Melt and EdReNe, we incorporated various ideas and findings from these projects into new project launched by Ministry of Education. Existing SIO served as a test bed for storing MELT resources as well as to implement LRE-LOM.

Portal Active Mathematics

In the new SIO project the portal and repository renovation is just part of it (actually repository will be developed from scratch; just metadata and resources will be imported into it). The repository will be just a service, tightly connected with other modules for user tracking, single sign on, document system, servers where schools could have their LMSes and CMSes …

It will support connection to other repositories via LRE, use updated LOM profile based on the one agreed in MELT project and incorporate many suggestions heard at EdReNe meetings.

The repository is in its implementation phase and the plans are to be launched at the end of 2008.

In 2008 UNI-LJ-FMF in collaboration with the Institute for mathematics, physics and mechanics developed also two specialized portals. The first one is devoted to production of e-teaching materials in the field of mathematics for secondary schools. It is called Active mathematics and is available at
The other one is a repository with e-teaching materials for teaching programming languages

Portal on Programming Languages

Both focus mainly on a repository as a delivery method of teaching resources. They already (or plan to) incorporate many ideas suggested in Calibrate, Melt, EdReNe and Aspect projects. They cooperate with other repositories (mostly with the new SIO) through usage of LRE and various other open standards, metadata from updated LOM profile, automatic metadata creation, browsing connected to curricula as the main vehicle to find appropriate materials.

Materials developed for these two repositories follow certain guidelines; simple, short materials, easy to be combined and changed according to teacher's needs and appropriate pedagogical situation.

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