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“mySchool”, Luxembourg’s Educational Portal

"In 2001, as part of the 'eLuxembourg' initiative to raise awareness and use of technology in education and business, the Luxembourg Ministry of Education commissioned the creation of a Web-based 'virtual digital learning place'. The project was built to promote e-learning and ensure that by 2003 children were computer literate by the time they left school.

The Luxembourg Ministry of Education’s concept was a simple one: to provide the country’s students with easy access to reliable validated educational tools and content to assist them with their studies within and outside school hours. And with home PC penetration topping 90 percent in Luxembourg, the Web was considered an ideal medium to bring together these disparate sources of data within a single interface on the desktop.

However, the vision – or 'mySchool!', as it became known – did not end there. Ease of use, particularly with respect to navigating and searching for information was absolutely critical if mySchool! was to be a hit with students. In addition, we had a definite vision for collaboration, between students, teachers, parents, employers and information providers all facilitated through this unified interface. And not just any interface, but one which was suitably intuitive for even the youngest users and – most importantly – absolutely safe.

The personalised starting page from mySchool

Platform overview of mySchool (generation 5) –

MySchool is built on a centralised technology platform with BEA’s portal framework.One of the green boxes in the above figure corresponds to “Knowledge Directory”, a set of document repositories (15.000 docs with metadata) and a federated search mechanism providing access to publisher’s repositories e.g. online databases/encyclopaedias.

At the moment one of the challenges for generation 6 of mySchool is to find out e.g. how the document repository should be structured in the future (Web 2.0), should all metadata be converted to tags and accessed via tag clouds?

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My School – Luxembourg’s educational portal