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Vetamix is a national learning portal providing repository of educational content and tools. The project is conducted as a strategic alliance between the Finnish National Broadcasting Company and the National Board of Education.

Main components in Vetamix


  • Digital Media Archive which is a central repository for the digital learning material YLE makes available, Video, Audio, Pictures, Graphs, Animations, UGC, learning objects
  • Bookmark, share, add to Lesson mixer (wysiwyg editor), comment, duplicate versions and tag using collabulary folksonomies
  • Personal folder

A virtual desktop with tools to generate, access, re-mix and re-use content

  • Editor (Lesson mixer), search engine, presentation tool, tagging using collabulary folksonomies

Social Hub for educators

  • Forums
  • Profiles/Business card
  • Sharing
  • Bookmaking colleagues
  • Content types in Vetamix

The type of content used by teachers varies a lot. The backbone of Vetamix is provided by Finnish National Broadcasting Company and Finnish National Board of Education. New content providers are introduced and emerging alongside web 2.0-3.0 applications. What impact UGC will have on Vetamix needs to be examined. The mixing of not public and not private is a grey zone.

A view on the relationships between various content types.

Metadata and tagging in Vetamix

FinnEduMeta + User Generated Tagging = Vetamix Collabulary Folksonomy

Vetamix combines a top-down information structure with UGC tagging. All media objects within Vetamix are marked with meta data according to a interpretation of a national standard called FinnEduMeta. The editors are persuaded to curriculum linking scrutiny.

The media objects can be re-used and re-combined. As a result Vetamix has chosen to support user generated tagging.

Vetamix is a compromise between a structured metaclassification standard like FinnEduMeta and a rich and varied folksonomy. The solution "collabulary" (as defined by Teemu Arina) can be conceptualized as a compromise between a top down taxonomy and user generated tagging; a team of classification experts collaborate with content consumers, the teachers, to create rich, but more systematic content tagging systems.

About Metadata and tagging in Vetamix - - is a web and TV service for teachers, jointly funded by the Finnish National Board of Education and the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE (public broadcaster). The aim is to serve teachers and assist them in their daily work by providing content, services and in-service training. provides teachers (and other people in education plus parents) with

  • TV series on current topics and themes (same themes that are focus in state funded in-service teacher training)
  • TV studio talks on current topics and news (possibility to react quickly to needs)
  • online in-service teacher training courses in collaboration with further education organizations
  • the web site that provides all the above online plus a repository of YLE’s learning objects and media clips and a tool for making lesson plans using these objects

The repository consists of media clips and learning objects taken from YLE’s educational broadcasting (TV and radio) and the web sites that are connected to them. Thus the resources can be sound clips, video clips, photos, pictures, exercises and web sites. There are at the moment 7340 resources indexed in the database. The resources are indexed based on a Finnish version of LOM metadata. The search can be made based on a keyword, a subject (or subject area) and the level of school.

OPH repository on open online educational resources

Opetushallitus (FNBE - The Finnish National Board of Education) is producing a referatory (a repository of indexed links) on educational online resources that are open for non-commercial educational use in Finland.

In the first phase the materials are Finnish resources. They are indexed according to the Finnish educational metadata model (FEM) that is based on Dublin core but also mappable with LOM. The indexing started with the resources of FNBE but will be broadened to include also materials of other publishers and organizations. Commercial materials are not included. The indexing is in progress and the database includes at the moment 3.500 resources. Most of these are either pictures and photos or online learning materials (from learning objects to wider educational web sites). The searches can be either simple Google-type searches targeted on all indexing text or a more refined search on certain fields of the metadata model.

The repository will be opened in January 2009.

In the second phase, non-commercial publishers will have direct access to indexing their own resources in the database once the quality of the materials is checked. There will also be an option for users to save their own preferences, tag them and recommend materials to other users. Users can in the future use in searches either keywords of professional indexers or tags written by users themselves.

Other Finnish repositories of learning resources The various sections of the portal provide digital learning resources.

At Linkkipaja resources can be searched according to Finnish educational levels and institutions, as well as by subjects and topics that are part of Finnish educational system.

WSOY, Sanoma Learning and Literature, a private publisher, has launched three combined repository web services:

  1. Company home pages & web shop
  2. Koulukanava (School channel) with free material, closely connected to the company’s books. Pupils’ content is open, but the access to teachers’ content requires a password.
  3. OPIT e-learning service on an annual subscription basis. The e-learning service is provided through a virtual learning environment (VLE), and includes web2, GSM, GPS, content (more that 24 mill. LOs, other materials, curriculum based), and services (hosting, training, call centre).

The services have more than 134.000 users. The philosophy is that they buy at (1), and use at (2) or (3). Free content of Koulukanava is automatically in Opit

Sample search at OPIT

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