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Technical information




Access Keys

Access keys function as keyboard short cuts. In Windows the ALT key activates a short cut. On a Macintosh Control is used instead of ALT.

On an EdReNe page the following short cuts have been defined:

  • T – top of page
  • M – upper part of the menu
  • S – search box
  • I – upper part of the content
  • B – bottom of page

Skip the menu

In order to give users with screen readers the opportunity to avoid having the menu read aloud a link has been placed just before the menu. This link skips the menu. The link will be invisible in graphical browsers.


Tabulating order

The TAB key can be used to move forward through the links of a page. The links have been ordered in this way:

  1. Search box
  2. Submenu (if any)
  3. The menu
  4. Permanent entries in the menu
  5. The content part
  6. The breadcrumb path
  7. Other

If the content part contains the same link on both an image and a text only the link on the text will be included in the tab order.



Links in the menu have been connected with a ‘mouse-over’ effect, that describes the page linked to from the menu entry currently pointed at with the mouse.