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EdReNe – Educational Repositories Network

Agroknow (Greece)

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AIE – Associazione Italiana Editori (Italy)


AtiT (Belgium)


Axiell Education and Media (Sweden)


BFU – Brancheforeningen for undervisningsmidler (Denmark)


BMUKK - Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (Austria)

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CommonS - CommonSpaces (Italy)

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Condidact (Denmark)


DGE – Direção-Geral da Educação, Ministry of Education (Portugal)

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EDEN – European Distance and E-Learning Network (Europe) / SFIB - Die Schweizerische Fachstelle für Informationstechnologien im Bildungswesen (Switzerland)

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Education Group (Austria)


EUN – European Schoolnet (Europe)

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Europeana Foundation


eXact learning solutions (Italy)


FWU – Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht (Germany)

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HITSA – The Information Technology Foundation for Education (Estonia)


Intrallect (UK)


CITE – Centre of Information Technologies in Education of the Ministry of Education and Science (Lithuania)

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Kennisnet – Sticting Kennisnet Ict op School (The Netherlands)

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KlasCement (Belgium)

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University Leuven (Belgium)

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LORO – Languages Open Resources Online (UK)

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Menon Network (Europe)


MV-Nordic (Denmark)


National Agency for It and Learning (Denmark)

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PDST - Professional Development Service for Teachers (Ireland)

» Repository (Spain)

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Senter for IKT i utdanningen (Norway)

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Skolverket – The Swedish National Agency for Education (Sweden)


SLO - the Netherland's Institute for Curriculum Development (The Netherlands)


SMART Technologies (UK)


TLU-CET - Talinn University (Estonia)

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UNI-LJ-FMF, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Uni. of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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Web2Learn (Greece)