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About EdReNe

EdReNe – Educational Repositories Network

A gap exists between users, who ask “where are the learning resources” and the content providers, who ask “where are the users”. Repositories address this missing knowledge about opportunities and resources. They are key disseminators of information of available learning resources. In repositories users search or browse for relevant resources (text books, websites etc.) among the vast supply on the market. Therefore, in many countries ministries of education/authorities or professional organisations have established national repositories of educational resources.

The objective of this Thematic Network is to bring together these web-based repositories of learning resources with content owners and other stakeholders within education in order to share, develop and document strategies, experiences, practices, solutions, advice, procedures etc. on the organisation, structuring and functionality of repositories.

The overall goal is to improve the provision of and access to learning resources.

The network will link to/collaborate with other cross-national and/or local repositories/ collections/ catalogues, and publishers’ associations.

EdReNe develops practical guidelines and recommendations, but most importantly, constitutes a collegial network of European repository nodes and stakeholders.

The network has the role of connecting the many providers of learning resources with the education community.

Existing repositories may cut some corners, and new repositories may have a less costly and much less complicated path in life

Issues to be addressed include:

  • Policies and strategies
  • Quality criteria and assurance
  • Rights protection and management
  • Standards and interoperability
  • Development and harmonisation/mapping of application profiles
  • Types of learning resources
  • Involving commercial publishers and associated agreements
  • Encouraging teachers' knowledge sharing
  • Linking to reviews and evaluations
  • Connecting to curriculum
  • Ethics, screening and clearing, and
  • Web-services bridging to other portals and local learning platforms.

EdReNe has categorized the long list of issues into 4 themes

  • Repository policies and strategies
  • Engagement of producers and users
  • Standards and interoperability
  • Rights issues

Members share expertise of these themes at workshops and seminars – and in between events

About EdReNe – Educational Repositories Network

The network arranges

  • Semi-annual seminars
    where members meet and exchange information
    – feedback from expert workshops may be presented, discussed and condensated
  • Expert workshops when appropriate
    for expert level representatives and invited external experts
    – specific aspects of repository “life” may be discussed
  • Web forum
    prime dissemination platform of the network
    – forum for published reports, facilitate communication, discussions, exchange of knowledge and information and co-production of documentation

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