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Educational Repositories in an increasing open environment
by Elena Shulman, European Schoolnet



2nd LRE-subcommittee sponsored webinar: "Copyright and Education in Europe".

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If you would like to read more on this topic, please see the report authored by Teresa Nobre entitled "Copyright and Education in Europe: 15 Everyday Cases in 15 Countries"

1st LRE-subcommittee sponsored webinar: "Leaving LOM, LRMI and the Norwegian Experience".

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Minutes from the 15th EdReNe seminar
In coordination with Didacta Italia
Hosted by INDIRE, September 2017, Florence, Italy

Minutes from the 14th EdReNe seminar
Hosted by Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus” (CTI), April 2017, Athens, Greece
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SENnet - European survey report on availability of digital resources for special educational needs

Results of a survey of EdReNe members and of ministries of education of freely available digital content of particular value for students with special needs.

SENnet - Provision of Learning Resources for Learners with Special Needs in European Schoolnet’s Learning Resource Exchange

The LRE now comprises a collection of 600 resources with content and accessibility features of particular benefit to learners with special needs, covering a wide range of ages, countries and languages. The project has adopted the approach of describing resources in terms of inclusion and functionality rather than of disability. See application profile below. 

SENnet is adapting the IMS Access for All Specification v3.0 Core Profile; Edited version: Wide dissemination.

Building successful educational repositories

(EdReNe Consolidated recommendations report)

Planning for success – repository strategies

(EdReNe synthesis report on Repository Strategies)

Bringing the buzzing teacher room online

(EdReNe synthesis report on Engaging Users)

Are current standardization bodies in sync with actual user needs?

(EdReNe synthesis report on standards and interoperability)

Copyright legislation is not in tune with educators’ expectations

(EdReNe synthesis report on rights issues)

Who we are and what we do

EdReNe brings together members from webbased repositories of learning resources with content owners and other stakeholders within education.
We share, develop and document strategies, experiences and solutions on the organisation, structuring and functionality of repositories. The overall goal is to improve the provision of and access to learning resources.

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